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We work with associations to strengthen connections with their members and increase the overall value of membership.

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Benefit Management

Our customizable Benefit Management Software (BMS) helps you manage all of your benefits, programs, and special offers for members in one place. The user-friendly interface allows you to add and remove programs and communicate with your members directly from the platform.

Perks Marketplace also makes it easy for your members to find and interact with your programs and offers. Their increased engagement is measurable through powerful utilization data, analytics, and member insights.

Need a stronger member benefits offering? We’ve got you covered. Perks Marketplace paired with our affinity programs provides a comprehensive platform pre-loaded with popular benefits.


Consulting services

Member programs

Member analytics

Who We Are

Your Partner for Growth

We’re the nation’s most trusted advisor for member-based organizations – offering the most comprehensive list of services backed by decades of expertise.

When associations want to grow, they turn to Core Affinity.

Why Choose Core Affinity

Grow, Measure, Optimize

Power in Numbers

Member Benefits

We curate and offer a portfolio of customized benefit programs and services that are not only in line with an organization’s core mission but also provide cost saving benefits that strongly enhance the value proposition of the organization to its members.

Decades of Experience

Expert Consulting

Our collective years of experience in the association advisory and management industry allow us to rely on knowledge and familiarity to better anticipate challenges, objectively assess opportunities, and create innovative solutions.

Values Driven

Driven by Values

We believe that honesty builds trust, that leadership has a lasting impact, that strong relationships require authenticity, and that excellence in everything we do drives success.

Annual Member Savings:


Engage Your Members

Member Discounts

One of the benefits Core Affinity offers associations is a portfolio of exclusive discounts from our supplier partners. We’ve built strong relationships with suppliers whose products and services align with the needs of member-based organizations. These programs allow you to better meet the needs of your members and delight them with exclusive benefits.

Our Customers

A Trusted Industry Resource

Member-based organizations and corporate partners have turned to Core Affinity for over 25 years to facilitate the right connections. Our ability to foster strong relationships sets us apart.


Ready to Make a Real Change?

Learn how our strategic, proactive approach to programs, technology, and member engagement can impact your organization.

Industry Insights

Popular Articles

Keep up to date on industry insights with our blogs and 6 Degrees of Associations™ content series.

How to Create an Outstanding Association Member Experience

Creating and executing an outstanding association member experience is one of the best ways to ensure that your association retains its existing members. Thinking about member experience holistically, that is, throughout the membership journey, allows consistency to shine through, further contributing to a positive member experience.

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4 Simple Tips to Boost Member Retention

Having a plan to boost member retention is one of the most cost effective ways to keep your association membership thriving. Data suggests that it costs 5 to 25 percent more to attract a new member than to keep an existing member, so any effort put into keeping your members is energy, time, and money well spent.

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