4 Action Items to Re-Engage Lapsed

4 Action Items to Re-Engage Lapsed Members

4 Action Items to Re-Engage Lapsed Members

Lapsed members happen within the natural membership cycle of any association. What sets successful associations apart is how they deal with this situation.

Winning back inactive members is a great opportunity to boost retention rates, increase membership, drive funds, and improve engagement overall within the association.

Let’s explore four actionable steps you can adopt to bring your lapsed members back on board.

1. Figure Out the Reasons They Lost Interest

You can’t fix a problem without identifying it first, so this is where you should start your mission of reviving members.

Find answers to the question: Why did they lapse?

One possibility is that they no longer see the value your association has to offer.

They may have decided that your benefits aren’t enough to stay engaged or it could be that they feel their interests and needs aren’t being met anymore.

There’s also a chance that your membership renewal process is too much of a hassle. For example, lack of online payment methods.

Losing members may also be due to poor member engagement strategies.

Pinpointing the cause(s) allows you to focus your efforts on resolving the issues that matter.

2. Boost Communication Strategies

Reaching out to lapsed members helps you build back rapport and re-establish communication routes. 

This is where a well-thought re-engagement plan comes into play.

Some elements that you need to incorporate into your scheme include personally calling members (especially those who were once engaged) and sending out emails reminding them of the benefits they’re missing out on.

You can also try personalized messages on various social media platforms where your members are known to spend time according to your data.

3. Personalize and Incentivize Their Experience

Current members are more likely to stay members and lapsed members are more likely to re-engage when they feel individually seen and heard.

Tailoring your members’ experience of your association based on their needs and interests will get you to those goals. Offering relevant incentives on renewal is also a winning move.

For example, personally conducted phone calls or promotions to stores and services they’d benefit from.

A discount on subscription plans and providing access to valuable learning opportunities can also help you recapture their loyalty.

4. Keep Up the Efforts

Lastly, you should continue taking initiatives to reinstate the value of your association to prevent members from leaving in the first place.

Regular surveys regarding their satisfaction level, opinions, goals, and interests are an excellent way to stay in the loop. 

Make sure your surveys aren’t too long or too scattered. Feedback can help you identify at-risk members before lapsing so you can work on retaining them instead of re-engaging them.

Final Thoughts

Losing members is the last thing any association wants. It is arguably the top “red flag” indicator that something is going in the wrong direction with your institution overall.

It is important not to panic or be passive in reacting to this phenomenon. You can take action today and turn this situation around. 

Focus on researching the factors that drove them away, re-establishing communication routes, demonstrating your association’s value, and taking measures to avoid negative repeats.

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