5 Evergreen Membership Marketing Strategies to

5 Evergreen Membership Marketing Strategies to Stand the Test of Time

Anyone working in associations knows that nurturing membership marketing and fostering engagement that yields results with your target audience will increase registrations, as well as enhance your retention and loyalty.

But it’s much easier said than done.

Studies have found that over 68% of organizations encounter issues with boosting membership numbers.

If your association, or member-based company, is facing similar problems, here are five tried-and-tested membership marketing strategies you should investigate:

1. Drive Awareness with Social Media Marketing

Awareness is the ultimate driver for membership. No matter how perfect your niche membership site is or how amazing your offers are, registration won’t roll in unless people know about you.

Don’t shy away from shouting your brand off the rooftops. Tell your audience what you’re offering (and often) and proactively reach out to them.

Show up wherever your audience is, whether that’s Instagram, X, Facebook, or YouTube. But don’t just stop at social media. Spread the word far and wide with email, SEO, direct mail, and strategic word-of-mouth initiatives.

While word-of-mouth marketing is typically organic, you can strategically boost it by applying tactics like creating shareable content, incentivizing referrals, and nurturing relationships with your key influencers.

2. Offer Registration Incentives to Attract Members

Offering registration incentives might be one of the oldest tricks in the marketing textbook. But it’s effective. And sometimes, members on the fence need a little motivation to take that step.

Think of sign-up bonuses, exclusive deals, or time-limited coupons. Offer new member discount promos, giveaways, and gift certificates to local shops or restaurants.

By providing exciting incentives, your organization becomes more desirable for future members.

3. Start a Referral Program For Existing Members

Another effective recruitment strategy involves using existing members as your marketing workforce. Referral programs, also known as “Member Get a Member” campaigns, can generate higher-quality leads compared to most marketing channels.

A whopping 92% of potential customers trust referrals from people they know. Members through referrals are also 30% more likely to join and have a higher chance of staying long-term.

Initiatives like referral programs benefit all parties involved. The existing member can receive benefits for each referral, while the new member gets bonuses for joining.

4. Establish a Website For Your Members

Nurturing your member’s trust is a huge part of growing your organization. Having a website for your members is a surefire way to establish a sense of a trustworthy community.

Building a website is a valuable investment for allowing communication, providing resources, and hosting events. This dedicated online space can become a valuable recruitment tool.

Make your website as user-friendly as possible. It should be easy to navigate and accessible, while presenting all relevant information about your association, membership perks, and registration process.

5. Connect with Other Relevant Businesses

Steer clear of the lone-wolf mentality. Embrace an “abundance mentality” because partnering with other businesses and organizations is an excellent way to boost visibility, raise memberships, and increase revenue.

Partnerships like these are a win-win scenario for everyone. You get access and exposure to the other party’s audience, and the business potentially drives sales by associating their brand with you.

Communicate with relevant businesses and introduce yourself and what you can offer. Bridges like these are great for establishing mutually beneficial relationships in the industry.

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