6 Ways to Showcase Member Testimonials

6 Ways to Showcase Member Testimonials Across Your Association’s Social Media

Success stories are a powerful tool to reinforce the value of your association and recruit new members.

When you creatively repurpose these stories, you can continuously highlight the achievements of your members, reinforcing the benefits of being a part of your community.

Here are six unique ways to repackage your members’ testimonials and stories of success:

1.  Film or Re-edit Video Testimonials

Video testimonials breathe life into members’ success stories, offering a dynamic and personal touch that can resonate with others.

You can create an engaging and relatable narrative when you capture your members’ emotions, expressions, and personal anecdotes.

If you already have videos, here’s how to update them:

  • Add a new introduction or commentary, offering updates on the member’s progress or reflecting on the impact since the original recording.
  • Re-edit the video to focus on specific themes or benefits of your association.
  • Invite the members to update their story, creating a “Where Are They Now?” segment.
  • Consider taking the audio from these interviews and releasing them as a “podcast.” You can utilize a free podcast hosting service such as Spotify for Podcasters, which won’t cost you a dime.

2.  Create Attractive Highlights

In a world where short-form video content is in a race with the long-from, offer both.

You can create snippets to be shared on social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Instagram Reels, serving as teasers and sparking interest.

For this kind of content, utilize dynamic visuals, such as quick cuts, relevant images, or animated text overlays, to make the clips stand out. Just make sure to format your video with a vertical aspect ratio (9:16) for these platforms!

3.  Extract Compelling Quotes

Extracting powerful quotes from stories can help distill long journeys into bite-size content.

All you must do is thoroughly examine the testimonials until you’ve picked a couple of influential quotations.

Then, pair these quotes with visually appealing graphics or add them to Reels or Instagram stories where your followers can see them.

These quotes can also go on your websites, possibly linking to their full stories or video testimonials for more engagement.

4.  Use Blog Posts

If you have multiple membership testimonials, you can turn them into a blog series where the members themselves write them.

The idea of each story having its own voice, challenges, and conclusion offers a sense of relatability that engages your audience on a deeper level.

By letting the members write their versions, you can create a journey of experiences that highlight the diverse impact of your association. Want to turn blogs into videos? We recommend using an A.I. tool, such as Synthesia.

5.  Make Interactive Infographics

What makes interactive infographics different from other repurposing ideas is that they can turn static data into engaging, interactive content, encouraging users to explore the testimonials in-depth.

Use the infographics to tell a story, incorporating statistics about the member’s success rate, or professional milestones.

Remember to keep the infographic user-friendly, constantly updated, and optimized for phones so it’s accessible to all users.

6.  Build Case Studies

There’s a significant difference between testimonials and case studies. The first is more like a short review, while the latter offers in-depth detail to your member’s journey.

In short, you can use the first to build the latter! Write in-depth case studies on members who benefited significantly from the association’s services.

Let your writers focus on measurable outcomes and lessons learned to provide valuable insights for other members.

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