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Engage existing members and attract new ones with popular programs and offers from Core Affinity.

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Core Affinity maintains a portfolio of proven benefits and programs to drive member engagement. We get to know your organization and create a custom portfolio that’s the right fit for your needs by aligning with the right partners in your industry

We also help market and manage programs, including your own.

By building a custom portfolio of benefit programs and services that align with your organization’s core mission, we are able to strongly enhance your value proposition for members.

Diverse Programs

Whether it’s tried-and-true programs that have delighted members for years, or brand new ones created just for you, we offer a wide range of programs to fit your organization’s needs.

Member Discounts

Saving money is a universally appealing benefit. We leverage the buying power of millions of members to negotiate substantial savings and exclusive offers which are simply not available to small and mid-sized organizations.

Strong Partnerships

Core Affinity is well established and has long-standing relationships with numerous brand name member benefit partners. We’ll help you make connections and align with partners who can accelerate your growth.

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“Core Affinity has taken the time to fully understand who our members are and are able to provide benefits that really make sense. Partnering with Core Affinity means you also partner with recognizable and reliable brands. It is super convenient for members to access the benefits.”

Sarah L.

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