Association Membership Engagement Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of

Jannan Poppen


Are you struggling with low membership engagement? Does it feel like you are trying tactic after tactic to boost engagement and nothing is working? Generating helpful involvement and feedback from your membership can be a challenge, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Today’s post is all about engagement ideas you probably haven’t thought of, so stay tuned.

1. Interact on Social Media

In the world of affiliate marketing, there is a lot of emphasis placed on email marketing and maintaining your website. There’s no doubt that these are critical elements of keeping members engaged, but one aspect that’s often overlooked is keeping an active social media presence. This doesn’t just mean posting regularly. To truly engage with your members, make sure to reply to comments, respond to messages, and find creative ways to get them involved with your social presence. Feature members in your social media posts, use stories to ask them for feedback, and make sure to include engaging calls to action in each post.

 Pro tip: Have you tried live tweeting an event or conference? Updating your membership in real time is a great way to generate interest in the events you have going on.


man viewing laptop screen in virtual event

Host Virtual Events

Want to know our number one secret tip for skyrocketing your engagement? Cater to subgroups within your membership. Creating virtual events around these subgroups is a great way to bring your members together and get them involved. Send out personalized email communication and surveys to find out what interests different segments of your membership and create events surrounding those interests. This is great for growing your engagement as it will help members feel that you care about them as an individual–not just as part of the group. Then host your event and let your members interact and get to know each other as they learn!

Pro tip: Don’t forget to record your virtual event so anyone who couldn’t make it can come back and watch it later! You can even include a comment section for anyone watching it later on to share their thoughts.

3. Ask Them For Help

We all know how important it is to gather feedback from our membership for data purposes, but have you tried asking them for a testimonial? Posting a glowing testimonial on your website is a great way to attract new members, but reaching out and asking for them will help your members feel important and involved. If you feel confident in your members’ satisfaction, ask for a written testimonial. Don’t forget to put somewhere in the subject line that you need their help! Members are much more likely to take the time to engage when they feel needed. 

Pro tip: Personalize your requests for feedback by asking them questions centered around their member persona. The more you can personalize feedback requests, the more likely you are to get a response!

We hope some of these engagement strategies sparked some new ideas for you! Which strategy are you inspired to try? Leave your ideas in the comments while they’re still fresh.