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How Affinity Programs Impact Member Engagement

When it comes to affinity programs, the secret to driving member engagement is to deliver value, value, value. Member engagement doesn’t happen on its own, though, and affinity programs that don’t consider member needs will do little to increase value or engagement.

What is an affinity program?

One of the most common questions we hear at Core Affinity is, “What is an affinity program?” In short, an affinity program is a partnership between a business and an organization or association where the business will offer special rates or services to the association.

How to Create an Outstanding Association Member Experience

Creating and executing an outstanding association member experience is one of the best ways to ensure that your association retains its existing members. Thinking about member experience holistically, that is, throughout the membership journey, allows consistency to shine through, further contributing to a positive member experience.

4 Simple Tips to Boost Member Retention

Having a plan to boost member retention is one of the most cost effective ways to keep your association membership thriving. Data suggests that it costs 5 to 25 percent more to attract a new member than to keep an existing member, so any effort put into keeping your members is energy, time, and money well spent.

Thoughts on Leadership by Tom Dobbins CAE

Building strong communities is one thing, engaging with them daily and authentically can bring tremendous value to your members…and your bottom line.

Creating Real Diversity

Lowell is a seasoned executive who has worn many hats in the association world and has turned that knowledge into a really strong foundation for strategy, especially when it comes to board governance.

A Year of Changes…for the better

The end of the year always brings reflection, we loved every one of our guests on 6 Degrees of Associations, here we remember a few key lessons!

Managing Career Transitions

Career transitions can be difficult! In this episode, we lay out strategies for keeping your career fresh, discovering new possibilities, and growing your network.

Engaging Communities

Building strong communities is one thing, but engaging with them daily and authentically can bring tremendous value to your members…and your bottom line.

Growth by Acquisition

Remaining true to your core competencies while leveraging cross-organization partners with a systematic approach will lead to greater growth and higher value for your clients.

Developing a Planning Culture

How to move from a time-based planning cycle to a planning culture requires integration, iterative work, and relationships.