COVID-19 Forces Strategy Pivot, Thank Goodness!

Last week on our program, 6 Degrees of Association, we had the opportunity to speak with Lewis Flax of Flax Associates about how associations should be thinking through their event sponsorship strategy going forward and his advice got us thinking! To recap his three key recommendations, they are:

1 Do not lead with your event in conversations with your partners.

2 Think about what can be offered beyond your event.

3 Focus on your top sponsors.

Whoa. If ever there was a wake-up call, COVID-19 has certainly been one for most organizations but this particular triple threat advice got us almost being thankful for it. The bright lights, big city thinking that came out of this for us…if it takes a global pandemic for your organization to realize you’ve not only been on autopilot with your event strategy but that, in fact, your event is your unique value proposition, Houston we have a problem. …

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