Cultivating a Culture of Appreciation and

Cultivating a Culture of Appreciation and Gratitude for Employees of your Association

Appreciation and gratitude are two of the most powerful motivators for association employees.

In fact, a study by Nectar shows that more than 77.9% of employees believe that more frequent recognition would lead to increased productivity. 

The benefits of establishing a culture of appreciation and gratitude in your organization are undeniable. Let’s explore some helpful tips and strategies to implement these values. 

Why Associations Need Cultures of Gratitude

Cultivating a culture of gratitude and appreciation comes with plenty of advantages for any association. Here’s a quick look at some of the benefits: 

1. Improved Engagement and Productivity

When members and employees are appreciated, they feel valued and become much more likely to engage with other members and become more productive.

A recent report shows that appreciated employees are up to 8 times more productive than unappreciated ones.

2. Promotes Collaboration and Teamwork

This one relies heavily on the previous point, as improved engagement in a productivity-driven work culture will also create a mutual sense of unity between employees and members. 

As a result, teamwork and innovation would improve dramatically as members of the team are working toward common goals.

3. Enhanced Member Retention and Recruitment

Employees and top talents who feel valued and appreciated are more likely to stay with their organization.

This is confirmed in a study by Wellable, which found that 87% of employees whose contribution is recognized are more likely to stay with their organizations.

4. Excellent Branding for the Association

Like other organizations, the reputation of the association has a huge impact on its ability to build revenue. 

One major way to maintain this marketing and branding is by nurturing a positive professional culture built on appreciating members and employees regularly.

How to Establish a Culture of Appreciation for Employees of your Association

Here are some valuable tips to help you build and maintain a positive culture of gratitude:

Include Appreciation in Your Association’s Core Values

This shows members and employees that appreciation is critical to your association and that they should align their goals accordingly.

Steer Clear of Generic Approaches

Avoid overused and generalized expressions of appreciation, such as “good job” or “thank you.” Instead, be specific about what you appreciate and how it contributed to the association as a whole.

Be Timely

The value of your gratitude diminishes with time, so make sure that you’re quick and responsive in sending your appreciation. 

Encourage Peer-to-Peer Appreciation: 

Appreciation shouldn’t come from upper management alone. Instead, you should also encourage team members to show gratitude for one another.

Utilize Modern Tools to Celebrate Achievement

You can use virtual bulletin boards and group chat apps to celebrate the different milestones your team members and employees achieve, but make sure that you’re creative and unique with how you approach them.

Final Thoughts

Although establishing a culture of appreciation for employees in your association takes time and effort, it’s an excellent long-term investment. 

Remember to also mix things up and celebrate group achievements in addition to personal ones, and make sure that you dedicate resources that can make this appreciation worthy and motivate people to maintain and improve their performances.

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