Exploring the Role of Associations in

Exploring the Role of Associations in Sustainability and Environmental Initiatives

Associations unify a huge group towards a single goal. As such, they have the authority to improve the economic and social well-being of the community.

As a leader of an association, you need to create projects that have little impact on the environment. You may even get more support from members this way!

Today, we’ll explore the role of associations in sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Why Your Association Should Start Environmental Initiatives

You may have noticed a portion of your members advocating for sustainability. In fact, a survey by the ASAE Research Foundation says 79.9% of people want associations to provide support to society.

Social responsibility initiatives can increase your community’s loyalty. It’ll boost your popularity, and your association will get a better reputation!

If you prioritize sustainability in your activities, you can motivate your members. It may even help you attract new individuals.

Factors That Make Associations Vital in Sustainability

How can associations tackle climate change? Here are some factors that make associations effective.

1.   Associations Possess Authority

Associations can create and enforce regulations over communities. Raising funds and lobbying policymakers is possible for these professional organizations.

A 2013 study shows companies in associations exhibited strong corporate environmentalism. These companies got pressured into following the best practices of the industry.

2.   They’re the Right Size

According to the Center for Association Leadership, smaller groups are the key to climate change.

Sustainability begins with individuals, but personal action isn’t enough. National and state-level efforts are effective, however, it takes time to implement new laws.

Luckily, businesses and associations are large enough to have an impact, but small enough to swiftly coordinate action!

3.   Associations Have Collective Power

Statista says there are 355,000 associations in the United States as of 2020. To add, over 59.9 million adults attend an association meeting each year.

There’s an association in every state, industry, and economy. This puts them in a position where they can educate large numbers of people.

Collectively, association activities can contribute to American life. They have the power to mobilize workforces and make a difference!

Sustainable Activities for Associations

What environmental initiatives can your association take? These are some of them!

  • Understand your sector’s impact on the environment.
  • Plan your conferences in a central location to reduce your member’s carbon footprint on travel.
  • Have proper waste management procedures during events, and work on ways to reduce trash.
  • Conduct virtual activities to avoid creating trash.
  • Develop policies and standards that address climate change.
  • Educate your members about their role in sustainability.
  • Recognize and reward those who are proactive in your association’s environmental efforts!

Final Thoughts

People will rally under groups they believe in. The good news is associations can implement activities and educate a portion of the country.

This is also why exploring the role of associations in sustainability and environmental initiatives is necessary.

Finally, many members also want to push for sustainable practices. Therefore, your association can get more engagement, trust, and loyalty if you go green!

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