Four Tips to Ensure Your Association’s

Four Tips to Ensure Your Association’s Virtual Event Is Unforgettable

With technology constantly advancing, associations must find ways to adapt to this ever-changing digital world. To stay relevant, they need to keep an eye on the shifts in social media use and maintain an amazing website with a modern look and feel.  

Yet, these aren’t the only ways to boost your company’s digital profile. You can also rely on virtual events to attract new customers.

In this article, we’ll walk you through four tips to help you adapt to our digital world.

1.  Utilize Interactive Features

One of the best aspects of virtual events is that you can interact with your clients and members. You’ll get to know them a little more on a personal level, along with their buying habits.

To ensure you get the most out of the events, it’s crucial that you use interactive features. For instance, you can add a Q&A section to the meeting.

Besides that, you may rely on live polls or a suggestion segment. These will help your members feel like their opinions matter and are being heard.

Not only will that improve customer loyalty, but it’ll also create a sense of community.

On top of that, interactive features can make networking a walk in the park. You’ll get to meet many people with different interests and connections.

2.  Embrace Innovative Technology

As we mentioned, there are tons of new technological advancements around us. Luckily, many of them can turn your virtual event into a party that everyone remembers.

For example, many companies add a virtual reality (VR) element to the meetings. This will create immersive experiences that take your folks on a unique journey.

Besides that, you can use augmented reality or artificial intelligence tools. Using these, you’ll be able to personalize your events for your members. These can create amazing spectacles with many interesting details to captivate your audience’s attention.

3.  Leverage Social Media

Holding a single virtual event won’t do much for your business needs in and of itself. You have to follow up with people and keep them engaged once the meeting ends.

Thankfully, social media has made this process much easier. You can check in on the chatter happening on these social platforms and gauge satisfaction levels.

You can also send out customized messages to clients to address any issues they face.

This can help foster a relationship that goes beyond the scope of the meetings. On top of that, social media platforms are an excellent way to promote your future virtual events.

4.  Reward Clients

Another easy way of making your virtual events more engaging is by offering rewards. These don’t have to be fancy or expensive prizes. For example, you can offer the customers a chance to test out your products, or new member benefits, early. This is where your creativity and team brainstorming will be necessary!

Just to wrap it up, remember that it’s crucial to:

  • Utilize interactive features.
  • Embrace innovative technology and leverage social media.
  • Offer (creative) rewards to boost engagement and overall satisfaction.

The bottom line is there are many ways to explore virtual events to adapt to our advancing digital world.

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