How To Better Utilize YouTube When

How To Better Utilize YouTube When in Your Association’s Marketing and Communications Efforts

In your efforts to boost your association’s membership size and engagement, incorporating visuals and video is no longer an option – it’s a must.

The number 1 tool to help you get this job done is YouTube. 

While you may have always resorted to the platform, there are better ways you can utilize it in your association’s communications and marketing endeavors.

1. Start Videos Strong

Grabbing the attention of viewers is the most important aspect of creating marketing- and communication video content.

One of the best ways to ensure viewer engrossment is an impactful lead-in. 

Make the first few seconds of your video compelling by sharing an interesting fact or breaking news.

2. Keep Your Videos Short and to the Point

Trying to reap the benefits of YouTube in your communication and marketing strategies means that you also need to work with the limitations of video content.

The biggest obstacle is the short attention span of viewers. People are less likely to shit through a lengthy video unless some sort of entertainment is involved.

As such, your best approach for video creation is a duration just enough to get your message across. Make sure it’s high quality and offers value to the viewer.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Viewers, whether members or nonmembers, respond better to content when it has a human character to it. 

Video content is no exception as people are more likely to continue watching if they can form a connection and relate.

A bit of fun, humor, and “casualness” can go a long way in getting your audience to relate.

4. Align Videos With Event Goals

Every video should have a purpose and every purpose can have a video. Learning how to recognize opportunities for incorporating video content helps you use YouTube to its full potential.

For example, you can use videos to tell member stories, share association accomplishments, and celebrate milestones.

You can also use videos before and at events for promoting sessions, showing testimonials, and presenting speakers.

5. Encourage Members Stay Engaged

Knowing the needs and online behaviors of your video viewers is crucial for the effective usage of YouTube when marketing your association and communicating with your audience.

For example, some people are more engaged when there’s music playing, while others require subtitles/transcripts to keep track of the content.

6. Be Consistent

Finally, consistency is key when utilizing YouTube as an engagement and marketing tool. 

Posting videos regularly supports your online presence, boosts your audience size, and keeps your association relevant in today’s fast-paced world. Continuing to provide viewers with quality content maintains their interest. 

You can do so by joining in on trends, uploading videos in line with different seasons and holidays, and producing series when a chance presents itself.

Final Thoughts

While applying the practices, be sure to drive feedback from comments and viewer metrics on your videos. This way, you can keep optimizing your content and maximizing your results from YouTube.

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