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Benchmarking in Business with Ray McDonald

Don’t just send a survey out to your members and audience if you want actionable insights and intelligence. Ray McDonald breaks down for us why sending surveys doesn’t ultimately give you a full picture of the sentiment.

Authentic Connection with Joel Goldberg, Voice of the KC Royals

It’s not often we interview celebrities but we are today! Well, Joel Goldberg might shy away from being called a celebrity. As the voice of the Kansas City Royals, he has leveraged all that he has learned in broadcasting to help associations and people alike learn how to better connect through authentic content and trust.

Launching an Association Chapter with Anikia Brown

Ever thought about starting a local chapter of a national trade association? That’s exactly what Anikia did when she learned that there was no local chapter of The Association for Women in Communications.


How do Affinity Programs Work in Four Steps

A robust affinity program can provide a steady stream of revenue to fill in this gap. This is an affinity program’s biggest potential value—a stream of non-dues revenue for the association.

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Membership Retention Best Practices for Associations

Are you struggling with low membership engagement? Does it feel like you are trying tactic after tactic to boost engagement and nothing is working? Generating helpful involvement and feedback from your membership can be a challenge, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

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