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There are many benefits to partnering with Core Affinity. Our deep expertise in developing and managing affinity programs for associations, extensive network of benefit programs, and state-of-the-art platform provide a comprehensive solution that delivers results for our clients. By partnering with us, associations will gain valuable member insights while saving time and resources, allowing them to focus on core business activities. Our programs are optimized for maximum impact, ensuring that our clients achieve their objectives.

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What's and Affinity program?

An affinity program is a type of business partnership between two organizations, usually a company and an association, in which the company offers special rates, discounts or services to the association’s members. In return, both organizations benefit by seeing an increase in revenue. Affinity programs are designed to create a reliable source of non-dues revenue for associations and provide added value to their members. By partnering with a company, the association can offer exclusive discounts or services to its members, which in turn strengthens the relationship between the association and its members. Affinity programs are becoming increasingly popular as a way for associations to offer more value to their members and increase their revenue streams.

What are the benefits of a good Affinity program?
There are several benefits to having an affinity program for both the association and the company offering the program. Here are some of the main benefits: 1. Added value for members: By offering exclusive discounts or services to members, an affinity program provides added value to the association’s membership. Members appreciate the opportunity to save money and take advantage of unique opportunities. 2. Increased revenue: The primary benefit of an affinity program is that it can provide a steady stream of non-dues revenue for the association. The company offering the program benefits by gaining access to a new customer base. 3. Strengthened relationships: Affinity programs can help to build stronger relationships between the association and its members. Members appreciate the opportunity to save money and receive exclusive benefits, which can increase their loyalty to the association. 4. Marketing opportunities: An affinity program can be a great marketing tool for the company offering the program. It provides access to a new customer base and an opportunity to build brand awareness. 5. Customization: Affinity programs can be customized to meet the specific needs of the association and its members. This allows the association to offer benefits that are relevant and valuable to its members. Overall, an affinity program can be a win-win situation for both the association and the company offering the program. It can provide a reliable source of revenue for the association while offering added value to members and marketing opportunities for the company.
What sets us apart in helping associations with their affinity programs?

Core Affinity is passionate about helping associations maximize their potential through streamlined and effective affinity programs. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have established strong relationships with top brand name partners and have helped countless associations achieve their goals and provide value to their members. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized support and industry-leading solutions, all while keeping the association’s mission at the forefront. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help transform your association’s affinity program.


in savings every year

One of the benefits Core Affinity offers associations is a portfolio of exclusive discounts from over 2400 business and industry suppliers. We’ve built strong relationships with suppliers whose products and services align with the needs of member-based organizations. These programs allow you to better meet the needs of your members and delight them with exclusive benefits.

Core Affinity has taken the time to fully understand who our members are and are able to provide benefits that really make sense. Partnering with Core Affinity means you also partner with recognizable and reliable brands. It is super convenient for members to access the benefits and our association now has another source of non-dues revenue!

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We create customized affinity programs for associations that align with their core mission and provide cost-saving benefits, enhancing the value proposition for members. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and effective solution for managing affinity programs.

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Our experience in the association industry enables us to anticipate challenges, assess opportunities, and create innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of each organization.

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We believe that honesty builds trust, that leadership has a lasting impact, that strong relationships require authenticity, and that excellence in everything we do drives success.

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Benefit Management

Our customizable Benefit Management Software (BMS) streamlines benefit and program management for associations. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily add and remove programs and communicate with members directly. The Perks Marketplace feature helps members find and engage with programs and offers, with measurable results through utilization data, analytics, and member insights. Pairing Perks Marketplace with our affinity programs provides a comprehensive platform pre-loaded with popular benefits to enhance your member benefits offering.


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