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Authentic Leadership Examples with Natasha Bethea Goodwin

What gets you up in the morning? For Natasha Bethea Goodwin, with the Information Technology Industry Council, it’s always been the north star of leading from a place of authenticity and purpose. We believe this drive, and her dedication to mentorship, is what enables her to combine marketing and membership as her key focus at work.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Your Association with Haley Jones

In 2020, Haley Jones raised her hand to lead some diversity, equity and inclusion group work within her association around the response to recent headline news such as the George Floyd murder. In this episode, Haley explains how this transitioned from committee work to becoming a primary focus of her role as Director of Member Engagement.

Association Relationship Building and Affinity Programs with John Perez of Unified Payments Group

Learn how one company leveraged their relationship with a large association to benefit from affinity programs and become a verified vendor to its membership base by listening.

Systems Leadership with Alexis Redmond

Join is in welcoming systems leadership expert, Alexis Redmond, to the podcast. Ever wonder how some executives can land in any role and hit the ground running? Alexis Redmond has appeared on many lists that celebrate this very ability.

Association Membership Growth with Dan Schuberth

We couldn’t keep a lid on the energy of Dan Schuberth discussing association member growth. We loved hearing about his background, as well as his true excitement and passion for the art and science of the wholesaler-distributor industry.

Events and Sponsorships with Elizabeth Johnson

Don’t miss this episode on events and sponsorships with Elizabeth Johnson. The last two years have been wreaking havoc on live events, not only from a production and engagement perspective, but also from a sponsorship sales perspective.

Career Transitions with Jamie Beaulieu

With the pandemic came talk of career transitions and “the great resignation” trend, in this episode we spoke with Jamie Beaulieu who weathered the storm.

Year End Recap with CEO Lucas McCann

Acquisitions, name changes, and strategic planning are all tucked into this great conversation with Lucas McCann, our CEO, for a year-end wrap up.

Joining Forces with JP Moery of The Moery Company

JP Moery brings a limitless energy and venerable experience to the job of driving membership renewals, retention, and value. Learn more about how that expertise will produce even more wins for the association world in the future through partnership.