What is an affinity program?

affinity program

One of the most common questions we hear at Core Affinity is, “What is an affinity program?” In short, an affinity program is a partnership between a business and an organization or association where the business will offer special rates or services to the association. In return, both entities enjoy an increase in revenue. Affinity on its own means a relationship, and that is the core of an affinity program. 

What are the benefits of affinity programs for associations?

Everyone benefits.

One of the best benefits of an affinity program is that it is truly a win-win. Both the business and association benefit from the partnership. Of course, the members benefit as well, so everyone benefits. For example, at Core Affinity, we are able to leverage the buying power of millions of members to negotiate substantial savings and exclusive offers which are simply not available to small and mid-sized associations. 

Provides value to members.

In previous articles, we’ve shared about the importance of providing value to your association members. Affinity programs provide immense value to your members, which is essential in building loyalty and retaining members. Often, affinity programs provide perks that are only offered through the partnership, which further enhances the value because that particular perk can only be accessed through joining your association.

What to look for in an affinity program?

A True Partner.

For an affinity program to be effective, it must be built on a true partnership. This is something we take very seriously at Core Affinity, because we know that the effectiveness of an affinity program is built upon shared trust and collaboration between the partners. Organizations with common missions and goals tend to have better long-term success. In fact, members can learn a lot about your association through the affinity partnerships you highlight, so choose partners that your members will be excited about.

Benefits that make sense for your association.

Make sure that your affinity program partners understand your association and what appeals to your members. Know what matters to your members and create opportunities through affinity partners to make their lives easier and save money on tools and experiences that they use or need.

Looking for an affinity program partner to help your association increase value to your members? Core Affinity is well established and has long-standing relationships with brand name member benefit partners. We’ll help you make connections and align with partners who can accelerate your growth. Let’s chat!


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